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Cyber Chess Academy has organised a number of tournaments and developed many outstanding players. Here is what we have done!
Dream team
The Team Members at Cyber Chess Academy are very cooperative.
They are courteous, professional, and encourage my kids to participate in events. Pavani Chaudhury
CyberChess Tr1

Cyber Chess Tr1 Chess Coach

Our Coach CyberChess TR1 is an International Master and has trained more than 270 Hours of Online Training in Cyber Chess Academy.Name of the Coach shall be given to Parent and Student after confirmation of Class
Cyber Chess Tr3

Cyber Chess Tr3 Senior Coach

Our Coach Cyber Chess Tr3 is an International Master and Grand Master Norm Holder
Cyber Chess Tr5

Cyber Chess TR5 Senior Coach

Our Coach Cyber Chess Tr5 is an International Rated Player and has won several National Level Tournaments.
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