Happy Vasanth Panchami 2018!
Cyber Chess Academy wishes all the parents, students, coaches, and staff a Very Happy Basanth Panchami 2018!
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  • Happy Vasanth Panchami 2018!
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Online Classes
MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR ONLINE CLASSES Cyber Chess Academy uses the leading software in technology available to online students to give an optimal online learning experience. TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR TAKING ONLINE CLASSES
Internationally proven system of teaching
Top players as Trainers
  • Lessons are taught directly, Coaches lead and the students engage, interact and discuss moves, ideas etc
    After sign up you shall receive the password and content links from the Academy administrator.
    Students can access the state of the art learning platforms and lesson library containing the full curriculum for the level at any time.
    Each student shall get level passing certificate duly signed by International Grand Masters/Masters
    Cyber Chess Academy gives "grades" based on a series of assignments completed. The course was either completed or not. If course assignments are found difficult by the student, a coach from Academy helps the students to understand the assignments. The student has 365 days from the purchase date to complete each level.
    Please fill the form from the Contact Menu on top and send the form. Please give your contact details correctly. You will given a FREE ( Yes Free) Demo class and after examining the student strength the academy will suggest suitable level to enroll. If any problem you can always send an email to [email protected]
  • The Layout Manager features an infinitely simple drag-and-drop interface, enabling you to edit your layout from your desktop, laptop, or tablet.
    Add particles directly to your layout with drag-and-drop simplicity.
    Give each section of your page a unique look by applying classes directly using the Layout Manager.
    Give a section one, two, or twenty rows! Fill them with particles and module positions to your heart’s desire. There is really no limit to what you can do with Gantry 5’s Layout Manager!
MAR 03, 2016
About Online Class
All demo content is for sample purposes only, through a live site.
Note: Cyber Chess works online classes are conducted through Skype and a special Chess Software